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An Introduction for Business Owners and Leaders

Embrace AI - a practical introduction for senior Leaders

Monday, 20th May 2024 12:00pm BST

Embrace AI - a practical introduction for senior Leaders

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Embrace AI - a practical introduction for senior Leaders

Tuesday, 9th July 2024 12:00pm BST

Embrace AI - a practical introduction for senior Leaders

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The emergence of AI has created high expectations across the business world, and now is the time for business leaders to decide how and where to get started. We rapidly generate ideas to help you build an effective Vision and Strategy.

In this free 45 minute webinar you'll learn what AI can do and how it can help you, with a focus on practical areas including customer satisfaction, improving productivity and driving innovation. We'll share insight and inspiration so you can make a difference in a surprisingly short time, guided by expert facilitators and supported by a peer group.

The webinar is led by Mike Fish of BigData4Analytics and James Crawford of Touchpoint Change AI Consulting. We are experienced industry change leaders who combine our knowledge of AI with skills in leading organisations, team building, service development and practical change.

We will not only introduce you to AI, but also help you find the best way to power what you do. We will address any concerns and introduce Responsible AI, a framework for ensuring an ethical and sustainable approach. You will receive a pack of information in advance, including the BigData4Analytics 'AI Readiness Questionnaire'. It will help you take stock of your current situation, identify areas of opportunity and assess how ready your team is to embrace them. You will also have the confidence and inspiration to take the next steps towards AI adoption.

AI is an inevitable part of our future, so don't miss this opportunity to learn how to make the most of it. Register now and join us for an insightful, practical and interactive workshop. You could bring a colleague along and work together on your AI vision and strategy.

You can book via the button above, or message us via contact form.

"I can see all the possibilities!"

What you will learn during the webinar

  • What is AI; why the hype and is it really so important?
  • The business opportunities available to you
  • How it can be deployed for productivity & service transformation
  • The risks you are already facing (eg. data protection)
  • New business models - opportunities and threats
  • The legal dimension, ethics and emerging regulation
  • The people aspect - how to engage your people
  • Where you can start your journey tomorrow
  • Constructing your plan and business case

"My mind is blown."

Running order for the session

  • Benefits businesses are seeing from AI so far (marketing, customer service, performance reporting, etc)
  • Example product - live demo
  • Factors to consider when adopting AI for pilot projects or production use
  • Planning your project
  • Running your project
  • Q&A