The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us – if you missed Steam, Science and Digital Technology, then you will not be able to ignore this one!
Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud, social, mobile and the Internet of things (IoT) are just the start.

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5 steps to becoming a data-driven workforce

Exploiting growth opportunities, navigating uncertainty and driving innovation are crucial requirements for every organisation operating today. And the fuel that drives this: data. Data should allow firms to overcome new challenges with confidence. However, just having data is not enough. By far the greatest catalyst for success in becoming data-driven has been shown to be people, not technology.

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Are you getting the best value from your data at the lowest risk?

Do you even know what data you've got today, who uses it and who looks after it? Could it generate more value to your organisation, or even be monetised externally? What about all that information in text files and scanned documents that are not searchable but may be non-compliant? If you don't have an up-to-date inventory of your data, are you at risk of a breach of GDPR or other Data Governance regulations?