The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us – if you missed Steam, Science and Digital Technology, then you will not be able to ignore this one!
Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud, social, mobile and the Internet of things (IoT) are just the start.

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Five 2020 predictions for AI & Analytics in Business

In this article Mike Fish, Executive Coach, analytics expert and veteran of Management Consulting and Simulation industries makes his predictions for 2020.

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5 ways that AI is changing the workplace and work itself

There is now little doubt that AI will create societal change: perhaps greater than the steam engine in the first industrial revolution; electricity in the second; and internet technology in the third. Contrary to popular belief, AI has been around for many years. It is only now becoming known outside the arcane world of computer science because the computer power it needs is now cheaply available and the data it needs is also available in sufficient quantities.

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5 steps to becoming a data-driven workforce

Exploiting growth opportunities, navigating uncertainty and driving innovation are crucial requirements for every organisation operating today. And the fuel that drives this: data. Data should allow firms to overcome new challenges with confidence. However, just having data is not enough. By far the greatest catalyst for success in becoming data-driven has been shown to be people, not technology.

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