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AI & Data Science

'To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.'

AI and Data Strategy

Your AI and Data strategy should support business goals, demonstrate Return on Investment and include responsible Data Governance – in language understandable to any business manager.

Consideration of which technologies to use, such as Generative AI, is driven by the opportunities for improvement – prioritised by business function according to need (whether cost saving or performance improvement). This is somewhat iterative and is usually best be explored by a structured workshop activity with your teams. Benefits and costs - and how to estimate them - will flow from these initial selections.

Organisational factors should also be factored in, such as level and location of skills, whether sufficient data is available, whether there is a preference for make or buy, and so on. governance and risk must also be considered.

What skills do I need?

Early exploratory AI projects, where you are learning what works best for your business, can rarely justify hiring full-time staff and may provide better knowledge transfer by using consultants. Once production projects have been defined with known ROI, the skills needed will be better defined and can then be brought in-house.

Are your data assets being fully utilised?

Companies accumulate vast quantities of historical data – a valuable asset which is usually under-utilised. But with the right technology it can be used to reveal unseen patterns, anticipate and avert threats, improve decision-making, or even recommend the best course of action – all leading to improved performance or cost-saving.

New governance challenges?

Whether your initial projects are localised at the point of need or centralised, it will be essential to give consideration the issue of governance – and this needs to be defined and monitored centrally. AI makes new demands on the governance process as it moves into production, including issues such as "explainability", bias and ethics. For many this is new territory – our experts can help you navigate it.