Data Science

'To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.'

Data Strategy

A data strategy should support business goals, demonstrate Return on Investment and impose robust Data Governance processes – in language understandable to any manager.

Whether reviewing data strategy or creating it, our pragmatic but holistic approach includes key themes such as the following.

We inventory the data assets you have and help make them exploitable across the organisation, not just within departmental 'silos'. We favour embedding analytics into each function rather than keeping it as a centralised 'secret weapon'. Lastly, we explore the potential of new sources of data to enrich your existing data assets.

The production line for Data Science

With Data Science skills now at a premium it makes business sense to get the best from them. Whether redistributing tasks, increasing automation or switching focus to tasks with higher business impact, we help build your Data production line that feeds your growth and innovation.

Predicting the future

Companies accumulate vast quantities of historical data that can provide predictions about the future or training material for Machine Learning. With the right systems, these can reveal unseen patterns, anticipate and avert threats, or recommend the best course of action.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

'4IR' or 'Industry 4.0' describes the new analytics, AI and IoT technologies that are already transforming business. But they can also be used to create entirely new products or services or, by embedding them into existing products, to extend product lifecycles.

We act as your guide in making the technology decisions now that will influence the performance of your business and your products for years to come.