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'People determine Analytics success, not technology'


People are your most valuable resource. Studies confirm that people are by far a greater determinant of successful analytics adoption than technology.

Equip your workforce to challenge data and find new uses for it - unlocking not only its potential, it also theirs. Augment their decision-making with AI. We engage the wider workforce with AI self-service - deploying new tools, training and Centres of Excellence.

Helping your people become Data-Driven will also help your organisation on its journey to the goal of being a 'Self-Aware' enterprise.

Mentoring: Your 'AI Co-Pilot'

'AI Mentoring' of senior leaders - individually or as a team – is a service we offer leveraging our expertise as Executive Coaches. This provides a confidential sounding board and helps them work through complex decisions with confidence. This helps drive innovation and culture change organisation-wide.

Development & Training

Help your workforce become 'AI literate' and 'Data-Driven'. Updating their skills in this way translates into better engagement and improved retention, as well as the direct benefit these skills provide to the business. We run a variety of workshops for non-technical staff at all levels – from Private Equity Investment Managers to Insurance Executives to shop floor workers, with material that has been client-tested over many years across multiple sectors.

Project/interim resources

Recruiting AI and analytics experts is expensive and risky, with requirements that may be prone to change. We can de-risk the hiring process or defer it by providing interim or 'Virtual' AI leaders that do not require a headcount commitment. These help your team navigate the transition and transfer new skills, contacts and knowledge to them – providing value long after their tasks have been completed.